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Are you planning to renovate your home?

you’ll have to make is what building Maintenance to use. From flooring to countertops, the building materials you choose will have a huge impact on the look and feel of your finished renovation project. To help you make the best choice for your home, here are 3 tips for picking the perfect building materials for your home renovation.

When it comes to selecting building materials for your home renovation, you should always do your research first. Start by familiarizing yourself with the various types of materials available and their respective pros and cons. consider both the aesthetic and practical implications of each material, as well as their cost. Consider how the material will look in relation to the other elements of the room and how it will wear over time. Reading reviews and talking to experts can also help you make an informed decision about the right materials for your renovation project.

Are you looking for the best Interior decoration for your home or business in the UAE? Look no further! We have put together a list of top tips and tricks to help you find the perfect Interior decoration for your space. Whether you’re decorating a single room or an entire building, these suggestions will make sure your interior design is both stylish and practical. Read on to discover the best Interior decoration solutions the UAE has to offer!

Dubai is home to some of the most incredible paintings in the world. From street art to traditional galleries, there is something for every kind of art enthusiast. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top five painting that have made their mark on the city of Dubai. These amazing works of art stand out from the rest and are sure to leave an impression on any viewer. Read on to learn more about these incredible paintings and why they’re considered some of the best in Dubai! Painting.

A/C installation

We offer high quality installation of residential and commercial air conditioning with the use of professional equipment and fine materials, at a lower cost.

interiour decoration service dubai


Welcome to the haven of interior designing where innovation meets creativity in the most luxurious way. With our expertise of over a decade in the field of interior designing, we at NOVOTECH promise you an enthralling experience like never before.


Electrical Service

To emerge as the preferred choice of clients in the Building & Engineering Services sector.
To be the preferred choice of discerning clients within the Building Engineering Services industry.

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Annual Inspections

Are you looking for handyman services in Dubai, United Arab Emirates? You can find them with a simple tap on the Urban Company app.

Efficient cooling solutions by NovoTech

Maintenance and Repair

We provide onshore and offshore technical support to offshore clients’ first line core crew to enable them to undertake routine maintenance with confidence.

painting services dubai

Painting Service

Our company has many years of excellent experience of said above area we are proud of the good reputation that we have built up over the years.


Plumbing / Sanitary Service

he plumbing and sanitary system is an important part of every building. So this system requires professional plumbing and sanitary services as it takes care of the hygiene demands of the residents.

Enhancing living spaces by NovoTech


At NOVOTECH, we offer apartment renovation services aiming to create better living spaces for you and your family. We are the apartment renovation service contractors that work to bring vitality to your apartments in more realistic ways and affordable ways.

swmming pool maintanance dubai

Swimming Pool Management

A contractors serving a number of private clients at their residences, we are also reputable contractors for commercial entities such as apartment complexes, leisure centers, and clubs.


Tile and Marble Service

Primo specializes in providing wooden floor polishing services in Dubai, UAE. Wooden floors are quite impressive – they add character and mood to a place. However, all this is lost when the wooden floor loses its shine and looks.

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